drawing software: Screen Pen 2.1


About  Screen Pen 2.1

What is Screen Pen ?

Draw on top of almost any application.Drawing freely on your computer screen without damage .Screen Pen lets you draw on screen. you can draw, or hide your drawing, or  save it to a file. Choose from diffrent width pens to draw in your choice of color. 

What's new in Screen Pen 2.1 [2007-07-31]
Draw using pen or insufflation.
specially good effect 1:basso-relievo.
specially good effect 2:exposal.
specially good effect 3:grains of salt.
specially good effect 4:distortion.
specially good effect 5:wave.

specially good effect 6:saturation.
specially good effect 7:reversed saturation.
specially good effect 8:reverse color.


What is the system requirement?
The operating system should be Windows 98(SE)/ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP,Windows 2003.

How to use Screen Pen 2.1

When the application is running.you can see the buttons in top right corner of screen. 

click this button ,then you can draw on the screen.And click this button ,then you can not drwa on the screen.

set color of line when left key of mouse down.

set color of line when right key of mouse down.

drawing screen enabled.       drawing screen not enabled.

set line width.

erase your drawing on the screen.

drawing on the screen without desktop image.

save your drawing to a file.

  about this software.

exit this application.

New in Screen Pen 1.1

Draw using pen.

Draw using insufflation.

specially good effect.When click,the menu is popuping below.You can choose one to see the good effect!

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